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The thing that makes our site different from other Internet marriage agencies dealing with "Russian brides" is that we provide real dating services. We do not sell emails or any information about our clients. Here you can use one of the safest ways of dating a Russian girl in the Internet. The site has many useful features to help you to find your Russian bride, and it has multi-level anti-scam program.

Beautiful brides from Ukraine and Russia are waiting for their foreign husband!

If you still did not meet your woman then register on our international dating site! We care about safety of communication so we offer only checked women in our data base. All women pass several stages of checking before getting activated. We do not pay anybody for writing letters. We do not sell contact information. We have only real people and real dating. We also have a CHAT for your communication to be more dynamic. You should not pay per contact on our site. You pay for period of membership during which you can communicate with women unlimitedly.

Your registration on the site is the first step to family happiness!

Tips for men: How to meet women on a dating site easily

  • Register on the site.
  • Do not try to get as many contacts as you can. Better to find normal, real contacts.
  • There are lots of ways to start conversation with lady. If you are confused, then try to start talking with:
  • Compliment her taste of music or movies, such step works very good: “ I would be very interested to know your mind about [name of movie], I meet the girl who likes it first time in my life (I found out about it from your profile)”..
  • You always can talk about travelling
  • You can talk about drinks or food that both of you like. You can talk about your job, career, about hobby. Talk about your friends.
  • Put a good portion of humor in your attitude to everything. Make jokes if it is proper time for joke. Do not become boring.
  • Do not complaint about your life or other people.
  • A lot of men make mistake thinking that in communication with women they should be ingratiating. It is better to stop acting according to some templates. Just be yourself.
  • If your communication with the woman brings mutual joy then present her a bunch of flowers to win her heart completely. Such a beautiful gift will make relationships stronger.
Unlimited communication with Russian brides!
Our international dating site is a time-checked way to find a woman. Appealing to a dating service is a practical way to get acquainted with a woman. It is not an act of desperatiion but trust to professionals. One can find a beautiful girl in online dating very fast. Our agency has been working for many years in dating sphere. We have not only technical support, but also psychologist's support.

Many foreign men see that Ukrainian and Russian brides are very beautiful and family-oriented.

1. Many foreign men are afraid of cultural differences between Slavonic countries and countries of Western Europe. But think how colourful and interesting are international marriages. Your children will bear two different cultures which makes their cultural and spiritual world more rich.

2. Many foreign men are afraid of language barrier. Many women in Russia and Ukraine already speak some foreign languages. Love is also a big stimulus both for men and women to study a new foreign language.

Herewith many Western men have some standard doubts which prevent them from start of communication. Let's consider these doubts together:

3. Many foreign men are afraid of future problems with application for visa for Russian or Ukrainian bride. Just think how many happy couples in love already passed successfully this way with documents. If you really fall in love with your girlfriend no document barier will stop you.

4. Many foreign men think that travelling to Ukraine, Russia or other countries of Eastern Europe to meet a woman is a very long way that requires a lot of money. It is better to look at this like at your investments in happy future.

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As if knew each other for the whole life

It is so much difficult to find a person who will match your perfect. Especially difficult it is in Internet where you do not see people in usual sphere of their communication, you cannot see character and temper of a person. If you cannot make a choice personally and intuition does not give too much advice then use the test which determines pscychologic compatibility.

Our site provides a unique possibility at initial stage of communication to see your compatibility with the women. After registration you need to answer questions of the test which will show your character, open your inner world. Women pass the same psychologic testing. When you look through profiles of women the system of the site will automatically show result of your compatibility.

Next to every profile you can see 5 hearts. If all hearts are red it means a very good compatibility, pink ones mean an average compatibility, violte ones - bad compatibility. There are also other functions-tools on the site to help you in communication.

Signs of attention, interesting features:

• Winks

• Vast catalogue of postcards for different occasions and for different dates. Interactive postcard Gift Cat

• Icebreaks - short phrases to start conversation with

• Online translator


• "If You Like Me?" game. Start playing a popular game on our site. Matches in the game mean mutual attraction between you and women whom you liked. It is a new and unusual way of meeting!

• Photo contests. The purpose of the contests is to attract more attention of opposite sex to your profile.

• Hiding your profile. Do you want to hide your profile from general view? Use the function "Hide profile". Only those people will see you whom you write by yourself.

• "Who viewed my profile" function

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